Bosch Type P Series Bags

MPN: Type P
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  • This vacuum kit is a genuine Bosch part and will fit select models of Bosch and Siemens vacuum cleaners. Please check Models this

    fits prior to ordering to make sure this kit will work with your vacuum.

    Pack contains:

    • 4 x Dust Bags
    • 1 x Micro-Filter

    Bosch spares reference: 462588

    Fits These Bosch Vacuum Cleaners:


    BSG81623/10 BSG82030 BSG82212/01
    BSG61830/03 BSG81666/01 BSG82030AU/10 BSG82212/07
    BSG81266/01 BSG81666/09 BSG82032/04 BSG82212/09
    BSG81266/09 BSG81666/10 BSG82032/05 BSG82212/10
    BSG81266/10 BSG81801/01 BSG82040/04 BSG82213/12
    BSG81266AU/10 BSG82000 BSG82050 BSG82215/01
    BSG81266CH/09 BSG82000GB/01 BSG82060 BSG82222/01
    BSG81266CH/10 BSG82001IL/01 BSG82090 BSG82230/02
    BSG81623/01 BSG82010 BSG82200GB/01 BSG82230/09
    BSG81623/09 BSG82022GB/01 BSG82200GB/10 BSG82230/10
    BSG82230CH/01 BSG82480/08 BSG82490/10 BSG8PRO11/09
    BSG82230CH/10 BSG82480/10 BSG82502/01 BSG8PRO11/10
    BSG82277/01 BSG82480AU/10 BSG82502/12 BSG8PRO1AU/10
    BSG82422/01 BSG82485/01 BSG8PRO1/02 BSG8PRO1GB/02
    BSG82422/10 BSG82485/08 BSG8PRO1/09 BSG8PRO1GB/09
    BSG82425/02 BSG82485/10 BSG8PRO1/10 BSG8PRO1GB/10
    BSG82425/10 BSG82490/02 BSG8PRO11/02